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Bible Donation Program

At Joy Creative, we believe that there is nothing more powerful than a copy of God's word. So many in this world have never had the opportunity to read from its life changing pages. As such, we have decided to provide each of our customers the opportunity to partner with us in giving away one Bible for each one that we sell. Keep reading for more details!


Our 2023 Partner

Operation Joshua

Operation Joshua is a national church planting catalyst movement bringing a New Testament to every home in Greece. Greece is a nation where the Gospel has been largely forgotten. Spiritual darkness and unbelief are prevalent, and the nation’s devastating financial crisis continues to bring a spirit of despair on many Greeks. Unlike any other European country, the awareness and availability of Scripture in a language they understand is scarce—the vast majority of the Greek population does not have access to the Bible in Modern Greek. Not even 1% claim to be born again. This country has a desperate need for the life-giving water of the Gospel.




Let's Donate One Now!

If you've ordered a Bible from us, we would love to donate one in your name to Operation Joshua. Just fill out the form below and we'll take care of the rest!

Thank you! One Bible will be donated to Operation Joshua in your name.

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